Learner Diversity

Since starting my internship at the elementary level, I have seen such a diverse range of students needing accommodations. Out of 625 students, about 60 have accommodations that I have to be aware of in order to give them the most beneficial learning experience. One situation I am currently having some trouble with is having certain special need students with teacher aids coming into the classroom. Sometimes the students have particularly bad days and they scream the whole class period. I think it is important for these students to be a part of the class and to be socialized within the art room, but it also makes it really hard to teach. Sometimes I lose my train of thought, sometimes I feel as though the students can not hear me over the noise level or that they are distracted and other times other students will start talking while the screaming is going on which makes it difficult to find where the talking is coming from. Once the students start working on their art it is no longer a problem, but I am not quite sure how to go about creating a better learning environment during instruction.


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