Working with Individuals, Small Groups, and the Whole Class

Teaching is such an exciting job for the reason of working with students who are so excited to learn! It can even be a completely different feeling working one on one with a student vs. working in small groups vs. teaching the whole class.

Personally I enjoy the differences in addressing the class in different ways. I used to think teaching one on one or in small groups was the best because it is less likely for students minds to wander off into their own worlds. But this year interning I have fell in love with addressing the class as a whole, specifically based off of one art demo. A few weeks ago I did a demo teaching my students how to make paper quills. When I transformed a circular quill into a triangular quill just by pinching the paper, it was the most priceless feeling to look up and see all my students jaws dropped and excited to start experimenting themselves.

Then small groups work well, especially because the students help teach each other. Which is wonderful because you can’t teach one on one with each student the entire class period, although working one on one with students is probably the most important of the three. Checking in with each student ensures that no one is left behind, and that the entire class in understanding and growing.



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