Classroom Managment

Classroom management is a challenge! I have some classes that every student is an angel child, and some classes where there is an uproar of noise the entire time to the point where they don’t even acknowledge that I am trying to get their attention. I feel as though art is one of the only times in the day where students can talk with each other in more of a relaxed atmosphere of artmaking rather than math class for example, but when the noise level gets too loud every couple minutes I have to try different techniques to make it stop. The first thing I tried was telling the class that they had to use whisper voices, then that they needed to stop yelling across the room and that they could only speak with their table partners, until finally I had to change it to a silent classroom.  Even making a silent classroom I still had students speaking and ended having to give nole notes (once reaching 3 creates a detention). What I found to be effective for the noise level so far is telling the class that if they are too rowdy we will be working in our textbook rather than making art.

I don’t like having to “threaten” the students with bookwork and nole notes but it seems like they need to see consequences before they will start listening. This one class that has needed the silent day has been better, but they get rowdy every now and then and I would love to know of ways to get them to keep a calm and still keep an upbeat happy art room.




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