Lesson Planning in Practice

Lesson planning is an intimidating process.

You start off with all these cool ideas, and you create this vision of how things will go,

but when trying to plan every detail it gets a little overwhelming. You have to plan out all the materials needed, time estimate for each stage of the project, how to introduce the project, demo, pre-assessments, post assessments.

Then you have to understand that things change all the time and you have to think quick on your feet, and be okay with not getting everything done that you planned. Then you have to sit down and figure out how to rearrange your next day to counter this. It’s a constant state of changing and adjusting to fit the student’s needs.

I still need to learn how to time the different activities in the lesson plan. I think this just comes with experience. If I can complete something in just one day, the students need like 4 times the amount of time.

Organization is also hard sometimes. There’s so much information I want to give my students that sometimes I’m not sure what the best order of explanation is, or what too much information is in one sitting. Even if I give out one task for them to do, I still get 5 questions about what they should be doing. So, if I give them 3 things to do, the questions multiply.






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