Another brick in the wall

Now that the semester has ended I have learned 2 things about myself:

  1. I am terrible at organization (not new information just reaffirmed)
  2. I am a more confident instructor when I stop acting like what I think a teacher should act like and just be myself.

I discovered that being my authentic self is what works best in the classroom. When I try to mimic the teaching styles of other people, like Sarah or my peers, I lose myself. and fall short.  I thought in the beginning that I would not be taken seriously by students due to my appearance and calm/mellow personality, I prepared myself to be stern and controlled. But when the time came for the summer camp I realized that this persona I created to teach with wouldnt work, and that I need to put down the airs and facade so I could teach in an authentic way. Embracing all aspects of my personality (cringey and quirky) is what helps create the authentic learning environment and accepting classroom that I want my students to experience. As the instructor being unafraid to make bad jokes or do something that might be seen as embarrassing hopefully gives my students the grounds to establish a connection with me the instructor but also themselves and their peers. I have learned that everyone is a little afraid, some people are better at hiding it or remaining cool, I am the opposite of cool so why not embrace that, I am relatable.


4 thoughts on “Another brick in the wall

  1. It is so important to be your authentic self. So many teachers definitely struggle with this, but I think we all realized that our authentic self is the best self and is what students what to see.


  2. Yeha I think you succeed most in a classroom when you don’t try to pretend to be a teacher if that makes sense. The less you try to fit into a structure I think the better for you. Also bless your singing this gave me life after that long drive.


  3. Oh my gosh your teaching philosophy video has me laughing so much, its so great and true to your quirky self! Also, one of my favorite teachers I ever had was my high school art teacher, and she was my favorite because she was so relaxed and different from any teacher I had before. Be yourself! You are amazing!


  4. Yassss! The ever cliche “just be yourself” wins once again. You really did excel just teaching as yourself. And i totally agree being your true you no matter how dorky help connect with the kids and totally says its okay to be yourself!


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