Who I am now

As my first semester being a full-time grad student comes to an end, I realize I have grown a lot in such a short time.

The beginning of this semester was a little intimidating for me. I knew by the end of the 6 weeks I would be teaching middle and high school students which is not something I was very familiar with. I am a very bubbly person and so I feel most comfortable teaching elementary students who are just as bubbly and excited as I am.

I wanted to be myself but I was worried that the students would think I was treating them like little kids.

After a great week at camp and speaking with many of the students I wonder why I was ever intimidated. By being myself, I think I came off as kind and approachable, which is something I am happy to be seen as.

I realized that when I channel my “ordinary”, people see that I’m being authentic to who I am, and they appreciate it. Although I still want to teach Elementary school students, I really enjoyed my experience getting to know the students in this camp and would now feel confident going into a middle school or high school classroom.

Check out my digital teaching philosophy below!


One thought on “Who I am now

  1. I loved your video and especially the way you paralleled your throwing with the philosophies you want to teach by! Your confidence as a teacher (even if you were not comfortable with the older students) overflows into your personality! You did so well with the middle and high schoolers, but I know you’ll be a great elementary school art teacher!!


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