I Know a Thing or Two

IMG_9094Now that the semester is over, I feel different than I thought I would. I feel relieved to have the rest of summer to focus on my personal work and hobbies, yet I feel sad to know that it’s over. Although at times it felt like it wasn’t, the semester went by fast. Throughout this class, I learned more about my personal teaching traits. For example, I learned that I prefer a more informal formative assessment. I learned this through the journaling exercises. I really loved being able to create in a journal too because I felt like it was my personal canvas.

From the camp, I learned that I really enjoy working with the students and helping them plan their projects instead of just sitting back and watching them. I feel like if I had just sat back and learned by watching, that I would not have benefited them or my own understanding and areas for growth. Also, through the analyzing part, I was able to see that I might need to give more time for demo’s or prepare to shorten requirements/rubric expectations.

All in all, I definitely am stronger as a person for being able to work on myself as a future teacher because until now, I did not really see myself as a real-life teacher, just an assistant. However, I feel really excited to lead lessons, and now I”ll never be afraid to lend a hand.

Teaching Philosophy video: https://youtu.be/aAA_AlywEm8 


2 thoughts on “I Know a Thing or Two

  1. Yes, I could have also spent more time organizing my lesson and my assessment tools so that they were more helpful for the campers, and for myself. If I were to do it again now, I feel like I could do it much better. But, that’s just how the “cookie crumbles,” as they say.
    I noticed, by the way, how patient and thoughtful you were, as you worked one-on-one with some of the campers. I’d say that most of the time as a teacher, you are never really sitting back and doing nothing. It is all about constantly observing, analyzing and seeking out those possible learning opportunities to build deeper and more personalized connections with your students (just like you were doing!).


  2. The way you made your teaching philosophy video is pretty cool! I also definitely feel like the summer camp and this class in general helped me grow more into the role of authentically being a teacher, whereas before I felt a little bit like an imposter.


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