Who Am I Now?

Wow, these six weeks have FLOWN by. I feel like I was just struggling to answer the first “Who Am I?” blog post. This class and summer camp made me come to terms with myself: I am much more of an emotional person that I want to believe. I have always let my logical side take over who I am. But there is something powerful in letting my emotions guide me every now and then. Looking back, I described myself as analytical, objective, perfectionist. However, I’ve learned I am so much more: I am compassionate, adaptable, empathetic.

I am more confident in my abilities to command a classroom. I am more passionate about wanting to teach my students. I am more realistic about how a classroom will run.

Because of this class, I know now that I can still be my sarcastic, inviting, and motivating self, just in teacher mode. I need to “channel my ordinary”. Who I am regularly should blend flawlessly with who I am as a teacher. So, who am I as a teacher? I am a guiding force, a leader, a friend, an artist, and most importantly, I am an inspirer.

Watch more about what I value as a teacher in the video here!!


4 thoughts on “Who Am I Now?

  1. Firstly, you definitely seem confident in the classroom. It was fun watching you work and help students because I could tell that you liked helping them and enjoyed watching them learn. Also, your video was so cute!! I loved how you used the puzzle pieces too, I really appreciate how they connected at the end, it did not go unnoticed, 😉

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  2. Yes, the semester did fly by incredibly fast! I think that the real magic happens when we are able to tap into both sides of the brain – our more feeling and abstract right brain, and our more rational linear right brain. I think it is all about balance. Life (and art class) would be so boring and meaningless if we were all too practical; and yet, we need organizational and strategic thinking skills to foster an efficient, but, fun, creative and engaging classroom for our students. We can’t be all “fluffy bunnies,” but a little bit of love in our teaching goes a long way.


  3. I think we all embrace our sassy, sarcastic selfs as part of our teaching identities in this class. I don’t know why, but before this class, I felt like I was going to have to be super serious as a teacher, even though I myself had snarky teachers. I think it was all the academia getting to me. Now I know that always being serious and always taking my job seriously aren’t the same thing. 🙂


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