The Students Taught Me

journal 5_2

Throughout the camp, I was really impressed with how well the students could be open about their desires, thoughts and problems. Basically, they were not afraid to hide their feelings and it was extremely inspiring. Since the camp was inspired by social justice themes, the kids were able to take their ideas and transform them into art and it taught me that it is possible for people to transform their concerns and problems into thoughtful art.

From teaching the camp, I learned also how to be an effective teacher through discussion. After each lesson, I was able to talk to the students about their ideas and it was very successful because their feedback helped me gauge whether or not they were learning and enjoying the camp.

Overall, I learned that kids were really great conversationalists with fantastic ideas to transform the community.


One thought on “The Students Taught Me

  1. I really loved how since they are still so young they are willing to jump right into their ideas without being scared that it won’t be good enough. It was so refreshing to see them put all those great ideas out there!I really think that adults don’t give kids enough credit.


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