The Art Aftermath

img_3131This last week of camp was enlightening in so many ways. I’ve had experience before teaching at summer camps and the actual teaching and student interaction was very similar to what I’ve encountered perviously. Adding the actual unit plan and pre and post assessment changed how I normally organize myself, but the shift was not insane and really was built on the work that happened before the kids showed up. The students were also very self motivated and that seems like it might be very different from what a real classroom looked at. On the flip side, I did have several students who were ready to be done at times during the camp who were pleased to inform me that it was a summer camp…so they did not need to continue working. I normally rolled with it and gave them a little while to chill before providing redirection to their projects.

However, the most interesting part was watching how my cohort each taught their lessons with various styles. Some were very calm in their teaching compared to my very exuberant style. I also learned that embroidery is loved by all students both k-12 and college students. I also still really feel like an emphasis on classroom management is incredibly vital to the entire teaching experience and developing an art room that you, as the teacher feel comfortable and confident.

The other very important thing was creating a way better sleep schedule. Ten year old me would be very disappointed in my new 10pm bedtime.

For your listening pleasure the favorite flocking song goes to:


One thought on “The Art Aftermath

  1. I agree with everything you had to stay here and had similar experiences with student motivation. But ESPECIALLY sleep. Sleep is so important; I used my weekend to catch up on it, and it made a world of difference. This summer camp reminded me how dependent we (humans) are on it.

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