Words, Words, Words

My biggest fear about teaching is that I’ll say the wrong thing or that I won’t say enough (because I have been known to say too little when it matters). I think the best way to overcome this fear is to let myself make mistakes but to learn from them and grow. Words have never come easy to me but I shouldn’t let that stop me from putting my best foot forward and trying anyway.



3 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words

  1. I have a similar problem but I think I am on the other end of the spectrum, I say to much! Then I get caught up in what I have said, like is it dumb or accurate. I think allowing yourself to make those mistakes is a great 1st step.

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    1. Yes, as we saw in the Waging Peace art exhibit just yesterday, words are and can be used as weapons. They carry a lot of power and potential to harm and or influence. They also affect how others perceive and interact with us.
      There is a lot of pressure there then, in how we use words to communicate. I understand how it can be stifling at times, feeling like one does not know how to use words to properly express oneself – especially when one already feels insecure or uncertain about whatever concepts, ideas, or feeling that one is trying to communicate in the first place.
      I find, what helps for me is finding people that I can trust to practice expressing myself with. The more I practice with them, the more I gain the confidence that I need to can communicate my thoughts and feelings to all sorts of people – even those who I find intimidating or frustrating.


    2. I’m the same as Kenziedig, I am afraid of saying too much, but I also agree with you that I am afraid of saying the wrong thing. My way of dealing with this in the past has been to continue to elaborate so that I really get my point across. But I can see people’s eyes go blank when I start to talk too much. As a teacher, learning to convey things concisely will be a challenge for me because even though I am leading the class, my opinion is that a good amount of speaking time should come from students. Class should be a discussion, not always a lecture.


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