To Be or Not to Be (Scared) When Teaching?

My biggest fear about teaching is not being taken seriously by my coworkers and depending on their age, by my students. I am young like so many new teachers are, but I am also very small with youthful features that older people swear I will appreciate one day. Right now however, those features still get me kids menus and at Godby a teacher asked to see my hall pass last semester. My big concern is that I won’t be able to accomplish being seen as a professional with older colleagues and that students won’t take me seriously if I act like myself.

img_1896I think the best way I can try to overcome that is to be as authentic as possible, but also clear with my boundaries when it comes to students. They can sense any act or performance you put on and I don’t want them to think that I am not being honest with them,  when I expect honesty from them both as students and as artists. With fellow teachers I am less sure how to “prove” myself and maybe that is the key. Perhaps I do not have to prove myself to them to be seen as an adult. My fear of being seen as a child still might be what hinders me from actually accomplishing being seen as an adult. So i have to let go of that fear and just do it…


2 thoughts on “To Be or Not to Be (Scared) When Teaching?

  1. I too am worried about being taken seriously as an adult and a teacher because of my youthful appearance. But I think it’s important to just be who you are, regardless of those worries or fears. Once the teachers and students get used to you, it’ll eventually work out. But thats how it is with most new experiences.

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  2. Yes, I completely agree with Mckmac. I think that we all worry in some form or another as professionals about what others think about us. I do it too but, the truly annoying thing to me is that I realize when I am doing it that it doesn’t do me any good! Rather, it just gets in my way of my ability to relax and just be myself. Like you said, I try to focus as much as I can on letting go of these anxieties and accepting myself, as I am, at any given moment, regardless of what others say or do, OR, what I think they are thinking or doing (oh, the cycles…).

    P.S. LOVE! that video – truly fabulous.


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