Polished Ms. Frizzle


Life is about using the whole box of crayons and realizing it’s okay to color outside the lines. I am determined to accomplish the impossible in my everyday life. I view obstacles as opportunities to come up with new solutions. I aim to solve problems in a creative way as I discover my voice as a Hispanic female contemporary artist/art teacher.

As an art teacher, I aim to help my students discover their voices and acquire the skills they need to have their voices heard. Realizing that each student has his or her own background knowledge to grow from, I plan to lead by example and facilitate overall concepts to guide my students in finding themselves in a safe classroom environment. I believe what we learn becomes a part of who we are.

Discovering your identity through the means of art can seem impossible when first given the task. I believe growth starts once you start to gain confidence in your identity. Who you are as a person is a work of art that never gets finished. I want my classroom atmosphere to give my students confidence in expressing themselves, and the ability to try new ways of getting to the same end result. I want to inspire my students to explore ideas and concepts without being scared of failing. Learning from failure can sometimes be the only way to discover the right answer. I want to remind my students not to be afraid to use all the colors in their crayon box.

I aim for structure and security in my classroom so students can feel safe when exploring their imaginations. I want students to be spontaneous and creative with their artwork. I want to create a space that allows my students to feel they can achieve the impossible. If a student can’t learn the way I teach, maybe I should teach the way they learn. While following essential questions for each lesson, I believe in encouraging the outcome and process of his or her artwork to be as unique as each student’s identity. Along with giving my students the tools they need to succeed in my classroom, I aim to help them gain the confidence they need to succeed in their core subject areas. As a class, we are like a box of crayons. Each one of us unique, but when we come together the picture is complete.


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