After a long Holiday…thoughts!

The transition from the holiday break into the following week was not what I expected. I thought I would be groggy, the students would be unmotivated, or everyone would still be in vacation mode (including me). I feel very fortunate to have the students I have in my second placement, because this was not the case for my high school students. Most of them came back rested and ready to work. The atmosphere has been very positive and the students are not complaining as much as they were before the break. I am not sure if this is common though?
I think I have felt more positive this past week, because most of the stress is past me. I have finished all of my observations, and now I get to see the students as they transition back to the instruction of my supervising professor. I am still learning a large amount as I begin observing once again, and I have found that with every project there is a unique way to go about teaching it. I enjoy seeing some of the students start a new project, and also seeing others get excited because they are finally working with clay to create their building designs. I have found that students eyes across all grade levels tend to brighten up when they get to put their hands on a piece of clay.
I know the stress is going to be coming soon though, due to the end of the semester being near. Students are already beginning to ask about assignment they have not turned in, and several still have a lot of catching up to do (including me putting in grades!!!). There will be many who are worried about tests and final projects in their other classes, and will begin to become distracted. I feel lucky that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, whereas I feel as though my supervising professor is fixing to enter into the dark tunnel with all of the deadlines coming up. Yikes! She’s got this though!


2 thoughts on “After a long Holiday…thoughts!

  1. I am with ya! I can absolutely feel the home stretch! The light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright…but to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for it. Transitioning from break back to teaching was tough (no doubt). BUT I agree with you about the sense of positivity I’m experiencing from my own personal attitude as well as how my students’ are behaving. They worked diligently this past week after Thanksgiving Break and I’m really feeling that sweet spot. They know me and I know them and though I’m ready for a time of longggg rest, this transition will be a tough one too. No more grading! 😉


  2. I think you must have a lucky bunch. My students have been quite the opposite, however, this could be due to the maturity difference between middle schoolers and high schoolers. My students were crazy leading up to break and those first few days as they got back into the swing of things. It has calmed a little but the roller coaster is about to take a turn up as christmas break approaches. YAY for the hard work being past us!!!


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