The Days After a Break

The night before the first day back I was dreading waking up early and wishing the break was a couple days longer. Monday I felt exhausted and not present. I was feeling blue about having to go back to work after such a relaxing vacation.

However, this week has turned around and been easier than I thought it was going to be. We have been given a break at the end of the day because the third graders are spending the week preparing for a musical performance. This has given us plenty of time for us to do what we need to without feeling rushed. Mrs. Clark decided that this year that she wanted every student to have an opportunity to make one sculpture because last year some students complained they did not get to get to work at the clay station. The students are all thrilled when they realized they were getting an opportunity to  work with clay. They are all having so much fun creating artwork. Throughout the week, I have also found myself to be in funny situations that have kept things interesting and me laughing. It has been a blessing because it has really kept my spirits up.

I think that transitions are typically hard. I remember as a student I was checked out at school after a long break. I wondered if the students were going to be that way this week but I am happy to say they have not been that way. The majority of the students really love art class and using clay has been exciting and engaging for the students. If we had not brought out clay I think the circumstances might have been different this week. I hope that next week is just as fun because it is my final week. I will be sad my time is coming to an end but I am excited because I will be that much closer to graduation!


2 thoughts on “The Days After a Break

  1. I’m loving hearing about all of the variables to your after-break experience! Totally understand the not wanting to start back up. I think Thanksgiving Break gives you just enough time to settle in then all of a sudden it’s time to go back!


  2. I agree that Monday was the hardest day of the week this week. I know it is normally the hardest day for every week, but especially after Thanksgiving Break for us teachers. I think it was a surprise to many of us about how motivated the students are when they get back from break. My high school students were also thrilled about the fact that they finally get to put their hands on some clay. I think clay helps spread happiness to all of the grade levels!


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