This week starts my internship at an elementary school. It has been a whirlwind; jumping in halfway through the semester with all the current lessons, acclimating to the 6-day rotation, meeting new faces, and understanding the different school policies.

Upon entering, I brought with me confidence from my previous school. I gained valuable experience in a middle school setting and obtained a stronger teacher voice. With every day, I grew more self-assured. I developed friendships with fellow teachers and good rapport with students. I will miss the hustle of each period, seeing the same smiling faces each day. I will miss the familiar path each day, driving into the blinding sunrise at 7:15. I will miss the perpetual chant: “Ms. Andrews, can you help me? Can I go to the bathroom? What are we doing today?” I will even miss the bad days when my bedhead was on point, my beauty sleep was obviously lacking, and I had forgotten my lunch. This is because I truly loved it. It was worth waking up at miserable 6am, worth every cold and flu, and worth the hours spent grading.

With all this said, I entered the elementary school with hope in teaching little ones. Admittedly, I’m a little nervous in how to change my pace from seeing the students daily to seeing on a 6-day rotation. I’m also curious to see how to change my approach in teaching methods. Most of the fellow interns in my cohort aren’t as happy with their second placement this week, and I can see why to a degree. It’s hard jumping into a new curriculum with an entirely different age group, let alone joining a new teacher and their way of running things. We all got comfortable in our last placement, and change can be hard.

However, I’m eager to learn as much as I can at this new placement. My new cooperating teacher is awesome and really knowledgable. I’m excited to learn about all the tricks up her sleeve and to hopefully gain a trick or two of my own. I’m excited to help the little ones in their exploration of art and their discovery of expression. And I get to be the one that makes that possible. I find it so deeply moving that I will be the mediator between these youngsters and their own experimentation in creativity and learning more about life in the process. So here’s to this new placement and my future as an art teacher. I’m ready for ya.


One thought on “Transitions

  1. I completely agree with your fears and am having a similar experience (except elementary to middle school). I wonder how our transitions would be if our second placement had been our first placement? I think It would be an even harder change for me. But best of luck in elementary!!


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