High School Week 1

I started my second placement with a stomach bug! Completely gross but I felt gross most of the week except Thursday and Friday. I’ve been going through a lot of health problems so it’s been rough being constantly sick, but hopefully after next Friday my body will go back to normal. Staying strong!

Besides feeling like complete garbage, I’m glad to say that high school is amazing. I feel like I can fully help the students and guide them in their projects. I can’t teach the AP classes, but I can answer questions and give advice. I’ve been working with a student named Piper who’s working on a wonderful art piece that deals with weddings. I’ve been helping her use new materials she’s not experienced with and pointing out details for a great composition.

The other classes are great too! Most of the students are learning Adobe Illustrator. This week I made new accounts to get certified in the Adobe suite and Microsoft. I’m not familiar with Illustrator so I’ve been practicing and reading the chapters myself so I can better help the students. I also outlined what I’m going to be teaching while I’m in high school and I’m very excited to bring on new lessons. I got to use the 3D printer to print out a miniature of Baby Groot! The picture is the image from online – I still have to prime and paint it.img_5238.jpg

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks!



2 thoughts on “High School Week 1

  1. I am so sorry you got sick! I have been paranoid about getting sick this whole semester. I have been lucky so far! I cannot wait to here more about what working with high school is life since I do not get to experience it!


  2. Oh no! Not a fun way to start your week change or not! But it great to hear that you are going in with excitement and an open mind. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Is it a project the students are working on?


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