Nothing New

I have the pleasure of staying at my placement for the entire semester. I do not have to worry about adjusting to a new school, teacher, classroom, and students. Throughout the nine weeks I have spent at Fort Braden having both middle and elementary classes I have noticed many differences.

In an elementary class I hear Mrs. Edson around 40 times in a 45 minute class period while in my middle school class it is closer to 10 times. I rarely get a chance to stop and think before another student calls my name during my elementary classes but in the middle school class is a much more relaxing environment. These students know what they need to be doing when they walk into the class so they start working without me telling them what to do. I am able to walk around the room and give the students feedback on their work. The elementary students have me running around the room for a million different reasons. In addition, in my elementary classes I have to repeat myself many times. I really appreciate that I can tell a middle school student once and they pick it up pretty quickly. I have enjoyed my time with them more than I thought that I would.

Overall, something that I have a love/hate relationship with in the art class is managing the chaos in the classroom. My elementary classes have lots of chaos but my middle school class only has as a couple students I have to keep my eye on. I enjoy keeping the kids under control sometimes but occasionally it will become overwhelming and I look forward to the calmness in the middle school class. At the end of the day I know that I got very lucky with this middle school class and I love working with the elementary students.


One thought on “Nothing New

  1. I love that you get to experience such a strong comparison in age levels but under the same teaching style. I think that really allows for you to develop your teaching style cohesively across the grades and truly see how maturity and need comes into play while you run the classroom. Your take on the middle school students serves as a reassuring quality trait for me. It IS kind of nice every now and then to not have to race around the room. Oh but I did love hearing those cute little elementary voices saying, “Miss Stearns?!” 😀


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