Back to High School..

lion king

Being an intern at Hawks Rise felt like home. I was finally getting used to my routine and was confidant that elementary was the level I wanted to teach in the future. I honestly was not excited to start at high school, but at least I knew Barbra Davis from my observation hours. The students are in the middle of a project so I feel a bit useless. I like the project they are working on, but a part of me just wants to participate rather then teach it. Since I just graduated with my BFA a semester ago I am a bit tired of critiques and serious artwork. I still think in this mindset when working on my own artwork. It was just refreshing to go back to the basics with my elementary students and step away from the seriousness of the art making process.


In high school I feel like I can’t guide the students as much as I can lead my elementary students. So it is hard for me to be involved as the high school students work on their projects. I am trying to stay positive about this, but it is hard to since I felt elementary school was the perfect fit for me. I wish I could’ve started here first because I feel like I wouldn’t have had anything to compare it to. Another thing that is a bit discouraging is the medium most students are working with right now. I know very little about clay and have not practiced enough to feel confident enough to help students with their sculptures. I am hoping that when I get to start a new lesson I will feel more needed and more involved with the high school students. Right now I feel like I am just sitting in the background making sure the students don’t cut themselves with their tools. I also am not a fan of being trapped in one room all day, and seeing the same students everyday. I really enjoyed knowing all the students in elementary school. I would walk around the halls and students would yell out, “Hello Ms. Sanchez.” I know it is only eight weeks so I AM going to make the best of this experience, but my heart is still in elementary school.


On a positive note, I am excited about the lesson I am going to develop with Mrs. Davis. She graduated with her BFA in sculpture as well so we think the same way when it comes to our art making. It is going to be narrative sculpture with background research on a modern day hero of their choice. The students will be able to choose their medium, but I am going to develop a rubric for the research part and the final project itself. I am also clicking well with certain AP art students that have similar thesis topics. I am able to show the students some of my artwork and give them ideas for their AP portfolios.


P.S – I do not miss my high school days..


2 thoughts on “Back to High School..

  1. I love this blog post for so many reasons. Number one being the featured photo. You look great in that cap and gown. 😉 Number two, I relate times ten. Number three, yessss to knowing all of the elementary students! There is such a community in that aspect. And number four, P.S.S. SAME.


  2. I appreciate your honesty! I feel the same way as you do. Elementary is the level I want to teach at and working with middle school I do sometimes feel uncomfortable. However, I believe there are things we will learn from teaching older students that will help us be better elementary teachers.


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