Who Am I Now?

This semester has flown by! It is amazing to see the contrast between the first week of class at Gadsden, and implementing our lesson plans in the Social Justice camp in the fifth week of the semester at Florida State University School. I feel much more confident in my ability to successfully implement a lesson plan, starting from idea generation, lesson plan design, and incorporating it into the classroom. I also learned more about myself, in terms of teaching philosophy development, and how to analyze a lesson plan of my own.

I really enjoyed this course, because it opened my eyes to the benefits of having a choice based classroom environment. I was taught in a DBAE style classroom, where art history, artwork from the past, and medium exploration was the focus. In choice based however, there is a strong pull for understanding the communities and people around us, and the focus is on learning about contemporary artists of today. In other words, the classroom is student centered, and caters to developing life skills uniquely found in the art classroom.  I appreciate the confidence it gave me, in directing my own thoughts, and in learning to encourage myself instead of looking to the teacher for clarification. It was especially rewarding to see how a choice based curriculum increased motivation in students, and resulted in very unique and detailed passion based projects.

After implementing my lesson in the summer camp, I now have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. Analyzing the final results of the camp also made me more excited for student teaching in the fall. Now that the semester is over, I continue to grow more appreciative and intrigued by the art education profession. As a life-long learner, I get excited knowing I will learn just as much from my future students if not more, than they will learn from me. Understanding my values of teachers as a moral influence, the community participant, and in providing intentional instruction, has given me better understanding of what also drives my own art practice.



Here is a glimpse of my visualized teaching philosophy!


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