Teaching Philosophy

According to Bloom’s taxonomy, creativity is the highest rank in the higher-order thinking skills involving analysis, evaluation and creation. Students are able to learn creativity most efficiently through the process of finding multiple solutions to create art works because there is no sole answer in art class. Therefore, I want students to develop the higher-order thinking skills with critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills to empower students’ creativity for school and life.

Firstly, critical thinking is a complex thinking skill that includes the ability to evaluate information, generate insights, and reach objectives conclusions by logically examining the problem and the evidence. Research suggests that critical thinking skills in K-12 can add academic rigor and increase the scores on the standardized assessments. I will apply inquiry-based learning, which is a learner-centered instructional strategy where the learners design the processes to be used in resolving a problem, to encourage students’ critical thinking.

Secondly, creative thinking is the process of developing new ideas that are unique, useful and worthy. Creative thinking is a key to career success because most companies need people who can be innovative, who can think differently. I will offer open-ended tasks, which are challenging and fun. Open-end tasks provoke diverse responses from students and challenge them to think creatively.

Thirdly, problem solving is a strategy that involves the application of knowledge and skills to produce a result or solution. Students are able to use problem solving skills to promote critical and creative thinking skills. I will apply problem-based learning, which is a method of student-centered learning where students identify and solve a problem, to encourage students’ problem solving skills.

Effective teachers should recognize the importance of fostering critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving skills to empower students’ creativity for learning in school and living in everyday life. Therefore, I want to inspire students with importance for creativity for students’ successful lives in the future. I believe that being an art teacher will encourage me when I give back my passion to young students who are the next generation.



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