Wrapping things up

Grad school is hard, but surprisingly fun which is how I know I am doing the right thing.  we have just reached the end of the course (all 6 weeks later…). I have to say I have learned more than I thought I possibly could in just 6 weeks and am feeling so much more prepared to venture on to part 3 of the art education journey, Student teaching. I have the tools to be successful in the classroom, now the goal is to remember when to implement them.

I am feeling nervous yet confident to take the next step. I know there is so much to learn that can only be taught in the classroom but I am leaving with tricks up my sleeves! I I am scared to apply my lesson plans, will they like them? will they be too easy or too complex? will I embarrass myself? These are the things that still scare me. But thats ok, because practice makes perfect (or at least better than the first try).

As we developed our skills to become future art teachers we also had time to reflect. I reflected on my past education and both the positive and negatives. I reflected on myself and my fears for the future as well as my strengths. These reflective moments helped me to clarify what type of teacher I want to become and the things I want to bring to the classroom. Of course this will be a work in progress throughout my whole career as I will constantly be learning and changing.

Currently, my top priorities in the class are:

1: Introducing Multimodal Learning

2: Being a role model and dependable figure

3: Encouraging curiosity and exploration

These three key points are what I find most important and ultimately will become my Teaching philosophy.




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