The End of the Beginning

Over the course of practically a month, who I am and want to be as an art educator has drastically changed.  Reading and discussing education is one thing, but the greatest influence for this change is the experience I’ve gained.

We started this class by teaching in a school that had no art program and honestly it proved to be incredibly challenging.  We ended the semester by teaching a Art for Social Justice summer camp and putting our own lesson plans in action.  I feel like these two experiences are on both ends of the spectrum and now I’m prepared (or know how to prepare) for any in between.

Each post leading up to this one had me questioning who I was as not only a (future) teacher, but also as an artist and person.  The end result is a teaching philosophy that states I’m always changing.  At the beginning of this semester this philosophy would be different than it is now which is different than it will be after my first year in my own classroom.

HERE is my written philosophy and HERE is my digital video philosophy.


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