Take Chances. Make Mistakes. Get Messy.

This class was just what I needed to get through this summer. I ended spring semester on a good note. I finished my BFA and my exiting show, “Inside My Lamp”. Shortly after that, life got serious again. I was excited to start this class, but also nervous because I knew I had to study my life away to pass these FTCE exams as well. I don’t think I could’ve done it without the constant motivation and support from my cohort. Our professor Sara won me over immediately when she walked in the first day with a box full of donuts and a cute teacher mug placed in front of everyone’s seat.

I learned so much about my teacher identity in this class and realized it was okay to combine my artist identity with this new teacher identity. Our professor Sara was such a great role model. She was so great at leading us while also allowing us to grow.

Photo Jun 12, 2 21 46 PM

Think about this. A class room full of women (one pregnant) at 9 am every morning Monday through Thursday. Journaling and getting our creative teacher juices flowing wasn’t the worst thing to wake up for. I personally loved journaling and loved doing it surrounded with such intelligent future art teachers. I love to collage and work with materials in a short amount of time. I find it challenging and a way for me to express my thoughts visually as they happen instead of after the fact.


I’m not going to lie after this class, FSUS camp, and passing all these exams I feel I have truly embodied my inner Ms. Frizzle. Magic was on my side this summer because I still don’t even believe I passed all these exams. It made me realize if you truly work for something you want, nothing is impossible. Remembering this moment is extremely important for my teacher identity. I accomplished what I SWORE was impossible. This is a story I am going to be proud to share with my students. I will always encourage my students to “Move Mountains”


After four days of non-stop art I was miserable the next three days working in a drive through window. I realized how excited and ready I felt to start teaching! One more year till all this hard work will finally be worth it. 🙂




Sammantha Marie’s Artst Philosphy:

Ms. Marie’s Teaching Philosphy:


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