Now What?

Here we are again. At the end of one chapter and on the brink of a new one.

I’d like to think that this chapter, albeit little, has transformed me in big ways. Through this summer class I’ve gained insight into student-centered learning, acquired confidence in teaching in front of a classroom, learned more pedagogical practices, and made deeper friendships along the way. What a solid summer so far.

But, now what? What does all this matter if not for my foundation into this next chapter in my life? In a book chapters build upon one another, laying out the narrative for others to glean from the reading. In this way, my story as an art educator is just beginning after this part in my life.

This summer semester has prepared me to look at my future head on and smile. I’m ready.

For this next chapter, I’m especially excited to gain more personal experience in the classroom setting. I’ll learn more about developing lesson plans, managing classrooms with 25+ students, assessments, and much more! Here’s a little snippet of my plan of action when I start.

All in all, I wouldn’t be here flipping this page if it weren’t for my cohort and professor, Sara. A huge thank you to all of you. You are what made this chapter unforgettable and meaningful. So thank you, again!


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