Who am I now?

Before this class, I feel like my fears and anxieties were on the forefront of my mind whenever I thought about starting my teaching career. I was so nervous because I felt like I was not ready. I do not know enough artists. I have not mastered enough techniques. I am not sure how to write a successful lesson. I do not want my students to dread coming to my class. However, my fears have slowly started to dwindle. I have realized that part of the job is not being completely ready when you step into it. Teachers experience a lot of on the job training that helps them to become successful teachers.

I feel like this class has made me fall deeper in love with this career. The class allowed me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings on art education and I have realized how desperately I want to make my mark in art education for myself and for my students. At camp, I was also able to see first hand how art making can have a positive impact on kids. They may not grow up to be professional artists but there is something to gain from creating art.

When I made my digital teaching philosophy, I focused on the three values I plan to be noticeably present in my classroom. Structure, individuality, and social awareness were chosen based on my experiences as a student, who I am as a person, and what I have learned in my education classes. I decided to build a little clay home because clay was the medium I used at camp! When I think of structure, I think of stability and that is what a home can provide. I also chose to paint the house funky to represent the value of individuality. Lastly, the windows and door are open to represent social awareness. I really enjoyed making this piece and feel that it is a physical representation of my three values.



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