Had more fun than the campers!

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I honestly think my cohort enjoyed this camp more than the campers did. I personally had a tough summer studying for all the FTCE exams. I had to pass five exams to be able to start student teaching in the Fall. Luckily I PASSED ALL FIVE and am able to start my student teaching here at FSUS during fall semester. This camp was just the cherry on top, it made studying all those nights worth it! I was so impressed with the campers work all four days of camp. Since Kimberly and I delivered our lesson on the first day of camp I was a little nervous. I was hopeful since this was a social justice art camp that the students would be excited to get started and tackle the lesson we had prepared for them. We introduced Barbra Kruger & The Guerrilla Girls to the campers. Then had them create their own poster like Barbra Kruger & create a mask to go with their poster to hide their identities like the Guerrilla Girls.

I was beyond impressed with the posters and the masks the campers came up with. I was so surprised with how every student was so eager to start and how intuitive they were with the supplies we brought. I expected some campers to need extra help coming up with ideas and again was wrong about that. The posters they made were so great and seeing the differences between them all was even better. Pretty much my dream come true to collage with my students and fellow classmates.


I was (again) wrong about working with middle school students. I actually really liked this age group when I thought I would hate it. They are still innocent but are discovering their inner adults whether they like it or not. Art is such a helpful tool that allows pre-teens to express who they are and who they want to be. All the students got along really well and were all engaged while my fellow classmates presented their lessons. There wasn’t really any huge issues we had to deal with. It was a great classroom atmosphere to be in and this allowed all of us to explore social justice issues through art making. I even learned a lot about my personal views on certain social justice issues because of this class and summer camp. So much fun and so much art in only four days!

This experience was truly so rewarding. This camp made me realize that I was for sure on the right path. I love being around adults, and young adults that use the power of art to have their voices be heard. Not only did this camp give me so much more confidence going into student teaching it also gave me amazing friends. I am so lucky to get to learn how to teach with such a great group of ladies. I have no doubt that each and everyone of us will make amazing educators!

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I needed this camp for more then just teaching experience. This class with Sara, my classmates, and the students who attended this social justice art camp were all AMAZING examples of how happy I am going to be to teach art for the rest of my life. I can’t believe I ever thought I would be anything other then an art teacher. Im so glad I finally opened my eyes!

oh yea… Last but not least, GO NARWALS!


One thought on “Had more fun than the campers!

  1. I share your unexpected enjoyment of teaching this age group! There are so many negative connotations given to this age, as we remember experiences from our past, but now that I think back, my teachers always seemed to have fun. The students creativity and group think attitudes made for an interesting classroom environment, and I wonder what it would be like if the camp had gone on for another week. I agree that the camp was very fun for me, and it makes me excited for the fall! Good job on passing all of those tests, I know it was hard to focus on both those and the course, but you did it. Your enthusiasm and creativity will carry you far in this profession, and I am so excited to grow along side you as an educator and friend.

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