My Thoughts on Camp

Camp was such a great experience! I loved that the theme of the camp was social justice because it is a broad topic and it encouraged these students to participate in solving social justice issues. The students had so many topics to choose from and the students picked a wide variety of topics. They all had such different interests and having them pick topics they are passionate about allowed us to connect with them and learn about them so much faster. I saw that as the students learned more about their social justice issue they became more passionate about it. They realized they did not want to ignore the issue but help take part in fixing the problem. I loved that the camp encouraged students to speak out and take action on something they find to be unjust.

This camp made me realize that it is important to give students some guidance but not too much. There is a way to provide students guidelines without being too specific. Teachers should design lesson plans that allow students to explore their specific interests. During the camp, I realized that there are some areas where I could use improvement. I think that I could have had a more successful demonstration. I think that stems from a lack of confidence and experience. I think performing better demonstrations will come with practice and time.

The more time I spend in a classroom the more confident I feel in my career choice. The camp reminded me of why this is what I want to do with my life. I loved spending time with the kids because I feel like there is so much I can learn from them. (The knowledge I have on cats has doubled after this camp.) I know that there are still things I still need to work on but I am so glad I had the opportunity at camp to get a little bit more experience under my belt and I am anxious for more!


One thought on “My Thoughts on Camp

  1. You looked like happy during the camp..I remember you was humming disney song with happy face surrounded by will be a good teacher..Have a great summer!


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