Ms. Marie – Who Am I?

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I set out to accomplish the impossible in my everyday life. I view obstacles as opportunities to come up with new solutions. I aim to solve problems in a creative way to discover my voice as a Hispanic female contemporary artist. As a teacher, I aim to help my students discover their voices and acquire the skills needed to have their voices be heard. I continue to discover my identity and plan to guide my students in doing the same. Realizing that each student has their own background knowledge to grow from, I lead by example and facilitate overall concepts and guide my students in finding themselves in a safe classroom atmosphere.

IMG_4465Discovering your identity through the means of art can seem impossible when first given the task. I plan to lead my students in the right directions using my personal experiences along with their own experiences and cultural backgrounds to help them feel powerful and confident about their unique identity and voice. Learning from failure can sometimes be the only way to discover the right answer. I want to encourage my students to explore ideas and concepts without being scared of failing. I aim for structure and security in my classroom so students can feel safe when exploring their imaginations. I want students to be spontaneous and creative with their artwork. I want to create a space that allows my students to feel they can achieve the impossible. Following essential questions for each lesson I believe in letting and encouraging the outcome of his or her artwork to be as unique as each student’s identity.


Who Am I?

*   I am a hispanic woman
*   I am a contemporary artist
*   I am a college student
*   I am a future art elementary school teacher
*   I am a problem solver

Out of the list above my identity as a “contemporary artist” is the identity I am most confident in. Finishing my degree in Fine Arts I realize that the BFA program here at Florida State guided me in finding my voice and role in the art community. Still working on my other identity, I feel my work speaks better for me then I do myself.

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Mini Artist Statement:

The daily pressures of life & added stressors of adulthood are powerful forces. I provide an escape for the viewer & myself using a variety of materials such as beauty magazines, glitter, pipe cleaners, found small toys & nostalgic childhood collections. Innocence is temporary & fleeting, while beauty is subjective & ever changing. I want to take the adult complexities & create something symbolically permanent that captures this easily forgotten innocence while raising questions about society’s beauty standards that are both whimsical & disarming.

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2 thoughts on “Ms. Marie – Who Am I?

  1. I completely understand how it must feel to identity with your artist identity and I’m excited to see how you merge your artist identity with your teacher identity! I hope you continue to explore this throughout the summer!!

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  2. You have a positive energy to make people happy! I strongly believe that you will be a good educator because you have many abilities to be a good educator


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