Who am I?

“Tell us who you are, what makes you you.” This has always made me uncomfortable because I feel like the answers always have to be geared towards who is asking the question or whoever is my audience. Or maybe I don’t particularly enjoy this task because I myself am unsure. Heck, it wasn’t until college that I figured out I was an extrovert. (Thanks Meyer’s Briggs.) I feel like at times I have this idea of who I want to be, and because I haven’t fulfilled some outlandish requirement I can’t add a particular classification to my list of identifications.  Or that by labeling myself a particular attribute means I have to be that way ALL the time and therefore I try not to claim it.  That being said, this is what I do know:

I love the outdoors and being outside, but I also enjoy binge-watching Food Network and HGTV in the middle of the day.  As stated previous, I’m an extrovert and therefore I love being around friends, but I hate running into acquaintances from high school (something about small talk…)  I’m a collector of all things, yet I want to live minimally (which is hard for an artist/teacher).  I try to be up-to-date on current events, but I hate the news.  I adapt well to change, in fact I welcome it, but definitely seek comfort and stability.  I’d consider myself goal-oriented, but can find therapy in appreciating process.  I try not be a procrastinator (but I am, don’t tell my teachers), but I work well under pressure.  I’m a photographer.  I’m a big sister.  I think too much.  I’m empathetic. Driven. Adaptable.

Those last three attributes are the ones I want to take into the classroom with me: Empathy. Drive. Adaptability.  In other words, I want to be receptive to the needs of my students. I’m determined to meet those needs and I want to be able to change how I teach to meet those needs.

In the last year alone I have changed more than in the previous 21 years. Who I am is changing constantly, and like I said previous, I welcome change. I’m interested to see the person I’m going to be in 10 years, reflecting on the person I am now.  I’m interested to see what kind of teacher I am going to be even after one year.  But for now I know, that as a teacher who I am depends on who my students need. That may even change from day to day. If that’s the case, I’m going to be open and willing to make those adjustments.


One thought on “Who am I?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your three attributes that you want to bring into your classroom. I enjoy the fact that you included being ambitious, but also adaptable because I think this combination in people is hard to come by. Shout out to Meyers Briggs personalities for helping us figure that out! I also love the fact that you welcome the idea that you will probably change, even in a year’s time. It’s hard to allow oneself to think of ways one could be different, for better or worse. But I think it’s important to recognise that as a future teacher, so thank you for pointing that out!


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